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Daily Social Media Checklist for Small Business Owners | PRWeb by Benny Kline

In my effort to share useful tidbits I've collected over the years, here is one that Facebook reminded me that I posted 5 years ago. Still relevant!

This gives you a good idea of a starting point for your self-made social media campaigns.

The takeaway is this: give your business social media some love and attention every day. Simply taking some small actions for a few minutes a day will keep your brand presence active online. Be warned; this is a DAILY TASK. FOREVER, until you shutter or sell your business. Do not ignore any of your social media channels. If necessary, assign another person access to these channels and ask them to post if you are away, busy, sick, etc.

Think of your business social media accounts like you'd think of your beloved Tamagotchi. Must care for them daily, love them, carry them with you. If you don't know what a Tamagotchi is, then you are either younger than 30, or older than 50, or you can't be bothered with digital pets.

This graphic came care of PRWeb which is a fantastic source of content, info and strategy. Sign up for their emails to get stuff like this. Scour their RSS feeds (sign up to relevant ones) to see how other people in your industry are pitching their projects.

Get your finger on the pulse of your space!

Also, a side note: take the attention you've previously given your useless personal social media accounts, and transfer at least half of that energy to your business social media. Your bank account will thank you, and so will your friends. Staaaahp with the selfies. Boring!

Social Media Strategy in 5 Steps by Benny Kline

This is a pretty sweet article which outlines the 5 initial steps you should take, in general, when developing a social media strategy for your business. Their steps are:

1. Be Clear on Your Target Audience

2. Know Your Social Media Goals

3. Share Engaging Content

4. Be Social

5. Test your results

Read the full post here on Social Media Today.

Here's a snippet:

Developing a strong social media marketing strategy will help boost brand awareness, increase followership, drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your sales funnel. In 2017, no brand should be without a plan that actively places their business on social media.