Business Development

In many ways, the concept of business development is the sum of all of the other individual services that I provide. Business development, in the online sense, is the nurturing of the business itself, plus its related network, information and community.

Planning and analyzing the development of your business is the most fundamentally important task you will perform, and it never ends. Many of my clients launched businesses on a wing and a prayer, with no real plans or even knowledge of the space they were about to occupy. I did that myself for my own ecommerce site 10 years ago- no plans, no knowledge of where I was going or how to get there.

I can tell you right now that launching a business without planning far ahead is a grave mistake. It will cost you time and a lot of money- in my case, that was six figures. Money was lost in several ways: trying different systems for running the site and taking care of the back end, acquiring funding in the wrong ways, building my network haphazardly... the list goes on and on, but the result was lost time and money.

Your success is based on your ability to foresee events and situations, plan for them in advance and then take them in stride when they occur. This ability is not inherently instilled into any of us from birth, it must be learned. You can learn the hard, slow, expensive way- on your own- like I did, or you can pay me to help you figure out what to do and what not to do.

Now, everything I wrote about the idea of business development seems very abstract, so let me create a metaphor for you:

Running a business is a complex undertaking, much like a game of chess. The first moves can set the pace for the entire game. Additionally, each move you make after that will have consequences and will create a reaction from your opponent. It is the ability to envision the results of each of the possible moves that makes a person a great chess player.

Likewise, it is the ability to envision the results of each business activity, plan or deal that makes a person a great businessman or woman.

Starting a business with no business knowledge is much like sitting down to a game of chess with no idea of what moves each piece is allowed to do. It would be a game played in a fog of confusion, and you'd lose.

Since I have done this so many times before, with so many different types of clients, I can help you decide what moves to make, and I can predict and forecast what the outcome will be.

Don't leave the development of your business to chance. Paying me a little bit of money to help you plan out your steps will pay you back in spades.