My copywriting services complement the SEO of your website and the usage of the keyword lists I develop for your business.

Copywriting is not easy. It is writing for a purpose. It must be done elegantly, with proper grammar and with the use of precise keywords. The copy that appears on your website must be both concise and descriptive. Often, those two concepts are mutually exclusive.

The words on your websites, in your ads and in your social media posts have power. That power can work for you or against you. Poor grammar will turn a client off, resulting in loss of sales.

I will discuss with you the nature of your business, do my keyword research, and develop copy for each page on your site with the specific intention of driving sales. That exercise is called SEO copywriting. My freelance copywriting services will benefit your business for years to come, as the words I create for you will be used over and over again across every facet of your outreach.

With the correct keywords and proper grammar at your disposal, you can be sure that your product descriptions, the information about your business and the words that sell you as a brand are both correct and useful.

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