Graphic design is fundamentally important to the success of your online presence. A poorly-laid-out site with low quality graphics instantly turns customers off. Your logo design can make or break you- don't forget, that logo will be splashed everywhere, all over the internet, so it better be clean, fresh and eye-catching. Some brands are JUST a logo: think Supreme and OBEY. For each company, their entire business model rides on their one classic logo, applied to many different items. NIKE, ADIDAS, Shell, Marlboro, Coca Cola, Pepsi all use heavy logo-centric branding.

I can create a logo from scratch on my own, or I can listen to your ideas and wishes and create one to spec. After we've decided what your logo will look like, I will create the appropriately sized files in Photoshop. The thing about logos is that they must be versatile- they must look right on business cards, on huge vinyl banners and signage, on letterhead, on Facebook... everywhere. This requires many different version of the logo, different configurations, file types, sizes, and even colors. With 18 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, I can create all of the graphics and logos you need to have a consistent brand message across all of your online and offline channels.

You would be amazed at what I can do in one hour in Photoshop. I can edit your logo, font, background, image size, add elements, remove elements, add shadows, change colors of individual pieces, add a cartoon version of your dog to the logo... anything you can think of, I can execute the task in Photoshop.

If you do not know what kerning is, please leave the logo design to me.