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Keywords are an incredibly important part of your website, or really any content you put up on the internet (blog posts, various social media accounts, even your Google Adwords pay-per-click ads). Why? Because your keywords are one of the things that Google searches through when they try to match search results up with various Google searches.

Keywords are one element of SEO Google really watches closely. SEO stands for "search engine optimization". So, SEO is a fancy way of describing the steps you might take to make your website more attractive to Google, which leads Google to present your website or page as one of the results it would give to someone when they do a Google search for that keyword phrase.

Keywords and keywords phrases (2- to 4-word phrases) must be present in your copy. So, why would you write copy without doing keyword research? I will show you how to go about this process. This page is an example- see those words and phrases I listed above? Those are the keywords I found using both the Google keyword tool and Google Trends. Google tells me people are searching for these keywords (more frequently than some others I explored).

You will see in the passage I am writing right now that I have incorporated the keywords above, right into the text. I have done this for every page on my website that falls under the "services" tab in my nav menu. However, unlike the other pages on my website, on this page I will leave my target keyword phrases up above for you to see. Below you will see a few graphs of keyword searches I generated in Google Trends, graphs which helped me isolate the most effective keywords for this page.

Before you write copy, do your research. There are a number of tools available. I have access to a few more that aren't free, and I can help you research and pinpoint the keyword phrases which are most relevant to your business. Sometimes they aren't what you think they'd be: tangentially-related phrases that might actually have nothing to do with the business you run, but would nonetheless drive quality traffic to your page.

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