Social Media

Social media is often a go-to avenue for marketing your new business. You probably already use social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or YouTube in your personal life. The good news about your personal use of these platforms is that your current networks can provide a launching pad for spreading word of your new online business.

Yes, your business should have its OWN presence (separate from your own personal accounts) but your personal accounts can be used to share info about your business account, initially.

Social Media definition:

Social media is basically any venue or tool that allows you to interact with other people online. Social media marketing is effective because it's an easy way to reach a captive audience.

Social Media Strategy:

I will help you develop a social media strategy that makes sense for your particular business. Every business is different, and services a unique group of people. I will help you determine the very best methods to reach your target audience. I will even help you to determine your target audience, if you have no idea who that is. This is one of my favorite things to do!

Set it up right, and perform the necessary daily tasks, and you will find that social media marketing is a valid, useful and economical way of marketing your business. I have experience using various 3rd-party tools and services that will help you maximize your effectivenesss on social media: from distributing your posts from one platform to another automatically, to determining the best time and day of the week to post.